Aren't Men Beasts

Aren't Men Beasts

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Aldwych Theatre farceur Robertson Hare and character comedian Alfred Drayton reprise their original stage roles in two classic screen comedies. Both films are brand-new transfers from the original film elements, in their as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Only one copy of Aren't Men Beasts is known to exist and its soundtrack is incomplete – for these two mute sections we have included English subtitles

AREN'T MEN BEASTS Hollywood star June Clyde co-stars in this boisterous comedy caper. On the morning of his son's wedding, a mild-mannered dentist is visited by a dark, beautiful girl who disarranges her dress and screams for the police!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alfred Drayton as Thomas Potter Amy Veness as Mrs. Flower Anne Boyd as Louise Baker Billy Milton as Roger Holly Charles Mortimer as Detective Ellen Pollock as The Vamp Frank Royde as Policeman Frederick Morant as George Deck Judy Kelly as Yvette Bingham June Clyde as Marie Kathleen Harrison as Annie Robertson Hare as Herbert Holly Ruth Maitland as Selina Potter Victor Stanley as Harry Harper


Produced by Walter C. Mycroft Directed by Graham Cutts Screenplay by Marjorie Deans & William Freshman Original play by Vernon Sylvaine Running Time 65 minutes. Theatrical Release 1937

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