Ask A Policeman

Ask A Policeman

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The village of Turnbotham Round has had no crime for ten years. The police force consists of Sergeant Dudfoot and his two assistants, Albert and the decrepit Harbottle. After a radio interview their Chief Constable suggests that it seems unnecessary to have a police force at all and threatens an investigation. In desperation the trio decide to create an artificial 'crime wave'. They set a speed trap and arrest the Chief Constable himself and only the intervention of the Squire saves them from disaster!

Foiled, they hit on the idea of finding some smugglers. They plant a keg of brandy on the shore, to 'discover' in front of witnesses, but another keg appears! Our heroes begin to suspect that something is wrong....and for once, they're right! A real gang of smugglers is indeed in action in the area. It seems that they are guided by a light from the top of the police station! The gang is led by the Squire himself who locks our unlikely heroes in their own jail! Will they ever escape to save the day?

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Brian Worth as Broadcasting Engineer Charles Oliver as The Squire Cyril Chamberlain as Radio Announcer Desmond Llewelyn as Headless Coachman Glennis Lorimer as Emily Graham Moffatt as Constable Albert Brown Herbert Lomas as Coastguard Moore Marriott as Constable Jeremiah 'Jerry' Harbottle Noel Dainton as Revenue Officer Patrick Aherne as Motorist Peter Gawthorne as Chief Constable Will Hay as Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot


Directed by Marcel Varnel Screenplay by Marriott Edgar and Val Guest Story by Sidney Gilliat Theatrical Release 1939

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Film Images ©1939 By Gainsborough Pictures (1928) Ltd.

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