Back-Room Boy

Back-Room Boy

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After being jilted by his fiancé, Arthur Pilbeam wants a job where he won't encounter women. He is sent to a lighthouse on a remote Scottish island which is being run as a meteorological station and he is to be the only inhabitant. However, Jane, a young girl, has stowed-away on his boat. She is looking for her uncle on the neighbouring island. Then model Bobbie turns up - her boat has been torpedoed. With the arrival of another boat load of survivors, bringing the total occupancy of the island to 13, things are getting a little crowded. That's when they all start to disappear, one by one....

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Arthur Askey as Arthur Pilbeam George Merritt as Uncle Googie Withers as Bobbie Graham Moffatt as Albert John Salew as Steve Mason Joyce Howard as Betty Moore Marriott as Jerry Vera Frances as Jane


Produced by Edward Black Directed by Herbert Mason Screenplay by Marriott Edgar & Val Guest Running Time 79 minutes. Theatrical Release 1942

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