Bell-Bottom George

Bell-Bottom George

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George Blake (George Formby) is desperate to join the navy and to do his bit in the fight against Hitler. The trouble is the navy doesn't want him! It looks like George will see out the war as a steward at the Senior Service Club - Until fate takes a hand!

During an air raid blackout, he accidentally puts on the naval uniform of one of his chums - and before he knows it, everyone thinks he's a fully-fledged matelot. Now, George must keep up the pretence, because he's terrified of being considered a German spy!

Meanwhile, real German spies are desperate to sink a new U-boat hunting warship and when George blunders across their cunning plans he finds himself in even hotter water!

This truly champion Formby classic includes no less than four great musical numbers - Swim Little Fish, It Serves You Right, If I Had A Girl Like You and Bell-Bottom George.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Anne Firth as Pat Charles Farrell as Jim Bennett Charles Hawtrey as BBC Man Dennis Wyndham as Black Eliot Makeham as Johnson George Formby as George Blake Hugh Dempster as White Jane Welsh as Rita Manning Whiley as Church Peter Gawthorne as Adm. Sir William Coltham Peter Murray-Hill as Shapley Reginald Purdell as Birdie Edwards


Produced by Marcel Varnel & Ben Henry Directed by Marcel Varnel Written by Peter Fraser, Edward Dryhurst, Richard Fisher, Peter Creswell, John L. Arthur Running Time 94 minutes. Theatrical Release January 10 1944

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Film Images ©1944, 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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