Black Sheep Of Whitehall

Black Sheep Of Whitehall

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Black Sheep Of Whitehall DVD Cover

Featuring Will Hay directing alongside the estimable Basil Dearden, The Black Sheep of Whitehall is amongst the comedian's finest pictures.

Hay stars as William Davis, the head of a correspondence college who becomes embroiled with the Nazis as they try to prevent the signing of a trade agreement. On learning that a Nazi agent has breached security and is posing as the economics expert responsible for lining out the international agreement, the good professor tries to find the real expert, who has been kidnapped and hidden.

In a plot centring on mistaken identities, Hay appears in six different disguises, and twice as a woman.The superb supporting cast includes Sir John Mills and Thora Hird.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Aubrey Mallalieu as Ticket Collector Barbara Valerie as Sister Spooner Basil Sydney as Costello Brefni O'Rorke as Ministry receptionist Cyril Chamberlain as BBC producer Felix Aylmer as Crabtree Frank Allenby as Onslowe Frank Cellier as Dr Innsbach George Merritt as Stationmaster George Woodbridge as Male Nurse Henry Hewitt as Professor Davys John Mills as Bobby Jessop Joss Ambler as Sir John Kenneth Griffith as Butcher's boy Leslie Mitchell as Radio interviewer Margaret Halstan as Matron Owen Reynolds as Harman Roddy Hughes as Journalist Ronald Shiner as Porter Thora Hird as Joyce Will Hay as Davis


Produced by Michael Balcon & S.C. Balcon Directed by Basil Dearden & Will Hay Written by John Dighton & Angus MacPhail Running Time 73 minutes. Theatrical Release 1942

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