Blue Murder
At St Trinian's

Blue Murder At St Trinian's

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Blue Murder At St Trinian's DVD Cover

If only the uncontrollable St Trinian's pupils had brushed up on Latin grammer. Because the notorious schoolgirls have won a UNESCO prize trip to Rome. But while learning the Italian for Lacrosse, they get mixed up with a jewel thief on the run. And their blackboard bungling makes him wish he'd never had the idea to use their school as a hideout.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alastair Sim as Miss Amelia Fritton Cyril Chamberlain as Captain Dilys Laye as Bridget Strong Ferdy Mayne as Italian police inspector George Cole as Flash Harry Joyce Grenfell as Sergeant Ruby Gates Judith Furse as Dame Maud Hackshaw Lionel Jeffries as Joe Mangan Lloyd Lamble as Superintendent Samuel Kemp-Bird Michael Ripper as Eric - the liftman Raymond Rollett as Chief Constable Ronald Ibbs as Lieutenant Sabrina as Virginia Terry Scott as Police sergeant Terry-Thomas as Captain Romney Carlton-Ricketts Thorley Walters as Major


Inspired by the original drawings of the Girls and Staff of St Trinian's by Ronald Searle Produced by Sidney Gilliat & Frank Launder Directed by Frank Launder Screenplay by Frank Launder, Val Valentine & Sidney Gilliat Running Time 83 minutes. Theatrical Release 1957

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Film Images ©1957 John Harvel Productions Limited

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