Brother Alfred

Brother Alfred

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This early British talkie stars vaudevillian Gene Gerrard as George, a young man on a yacht moored off Monte Carlo who has a tiff with his fiancée, goes ashore on a glorious binge, then finds himself accused of assaulting a prince! When he attempts to extricate himself by pretending to be his non-existent twin brother, he finds he's really in trouble...

A rarely seen comedy based on a 1913 farce by P.G. Wodehouse and Herbert Westbrook, Brother Alfred is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Adele Blanche as Pilbeam Bobbie Comber as Billy Marshall Clifford Heatherley as Prince Sachsberg Elsie Randolph as Mamie Gene Gerrard as George Lattaker Hal Gordon as Harold Voles Harvey Braban as Denis Henry Wenman as Uncle George Hugh E. Wright as Sydney James Carew as Mr. Marshall Maurice Colbourne as Equerry Molly Lamont as Stella Toni Edgar-Bruce as Mrs. Vandaline


Directed by Henry Edwards Scenario by Henry Edwards & Claude Gurney Original play by P.G. Wodehouse & Herbert Westbrook Running Time 71 minutes. Theatrical Release 1932

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