Carry On Admiral

Carry On Admiral

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After a hard night's drinking, old friends Lt. Commander Peter Fraser and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the First Sea Lord, Tom Baker M.P. somehow end up swapping hotel rooms - and clothes.

The next morning, still in a drunken haze, Tom the M.P. is accidentally mistaken for his naval friend and is put in charge of the fighting ship HMS Sherwood!

There's more confusion when Peter the ship's captain is mistaken in turn for the Parliamentary Private Secretary and whisked off to Admiralty house for high level political debates on the future of the Navy!

Meanwhile, a little accident involving a live torpedo and the First Lord's barge gets poor Tom sent to a naval psychiatric hospital - where his insistence that he's not a navy captain but an M.P. just makes him look crazier!

Doddery old Admiral Godfrey (A.E. Matthews) hasn't got a clue what's going on, so it's left to his sharp-witted granddaughter Jane (Eunice Gayson) and her friend Susan (Peggy Cummins) to save the day - and the reputation of the Navy!

With a fine supporting cast that includes Ronald Shiner and Joan Sims, Carry On Admiral offers high seas hilarity all the way!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

A.E. Matthews as Adm. Sir Maximillian Godfrey Alfie Bass as Orderly Brian Reece as Peter Fraser David Tomlinson as Tom Baker Derek Blomfield as Lt. Dodson Desmond Walter-Ellis as Willy Oughton-Formby Eunice Gayson as Jane Godfrey Howard Williams as Sub Lieutenant Joan Hickson as Mother Joan Sims as Mary Lionel Murton as Psychiatrist Peggy Cummins as Susan Lashwood Peter Coke as Lt. Lashwood Reginald Beckwith as Receptionist Ronald Shiner as Salty Simpson Tom Gill as Petty Officer


Produced by George Minter & Denis O'Dell Directed by Val Guest Screenplay by Val Guest Running Time 79 minutes. Theatrical Release 1957

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Film Images ©2006 Renown Productions

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