Carry On Again Doctor

Carry On Again Doctor

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If you are seriously ill and need to go to hospital, just make sure it isn't the Long Hampton Hospital, as this is where the Carry On team have taken up malpractice. If it's laughter you're after however, join eminent surgeon Frederick Carver, orderly Screwer and Doctor's Stoppidge and Nookey for a prescription of smutty smiles.

It's the perfect tonic you should take as regularly as your funny bone allows. Where there's a pill, there's a way.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alexandra Dane as Stout woman Ann Lancaster as Miss Armitage Barbara Windsor as Goldie Locks Billy Cornelius as Patient in plaster Bob Todd as Pump patient Charles Hawtrey as Doctor Ernest Stoppidge Donald Bisset as Patient Elizabeth Knight as Nurse Willing Eric Rogers as Bandleader Faith Kent as Nursing home Matron George Roderick as Waiter Georgina Simpson as Men's ward nurse Gwendolyn Watts as Night sister Harry Locke as Porter Hattie Jacques as Matron Heather Emmanuel as Plump native girl Hugh Futcher as Cab driver Jenny Counsell as Night nurse Jim Dale as Doctor James Nookey Joan Sims as Ellen Moore Kenneth Williams as Dr Frederick Carver Lucy Griffiths as Old lady in headphones Pat Coombs as New Matron Patricia Hayes as Mrs Beasley Patsy Rowlands as Miss Fosdick Peter Butterworth as Shuffling patient Peter Gilmore as Henry Rupert Evans as Stunt orderly Shakira Baksh as Scrubba Sid James as Gladstone Screwer Valerie Leon as Dierdre Valerie Shute as Nurse Valerie Van Ost as Out-patients sister Wilfrid Brambell as Mr Pullen William Mervyn as Lord Paragon Yutte Stensgaard as Trolley Nurse


Produced by Peter Rogers Directed by Gerald Thomas Screenplay by Talbot Rothwell Running Time 85 minutes. Theatrical Release August 1969

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