Carry On At Your Convenience

Carry On At Your Convenience

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Carry On At Your Convenience DVD Cover

The Carry On team throw caution to the wind and present a glorious wallow in good clean lavatorial humour!

Kenneth Williams plays W.C. Boggs, the troubled owner of a small company trying to manufacture fine toiletware. Bolshy unionist, Vic Spanner soon has the work force out on strike and it's down to Boggs, his son Lewis, works foreman, Sid Plummer and floral-shirted designer Charles Coote to rally the troops. But they soon discover that nothing sends you further round the bend than women scorned!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Amelia Bayntun as Mrs Spragg Anouska Hempel as New canteen girl Bernard Bresslaw as Bernie Hulke Bill Maynard as Fred Moore Charles Hawtrey as Charles Coote Davy Kaye as Benny Geoffrey Hughes as Willie Harry Towb as Film doctor Hattie Jacques as Beattie Plummer Hugh Futcher as Ernie Jacki Piper as Myrtle Plummer Jan Rossini as Hoopla girl Joan Sims as Chloe Moore Julian Holloway as Roger Kenneth Cope as Vic Spanner Kenneth Williams as WC Boggs Leon Greene as Chef Margaret Nolan as Popsy Marianne Stone as Maud Patsy Rowlands as Hortence Withering Peter Burton as Hotel manager Philip Stone as Mr Bulstrode Renee Houston as Agatha Spanner Richard O'Callaghan as Lewis Boggs Shirley Stelfox as Bunny waitress Sid James as Sid Plummer Simon Cain as Barman


Produced by Peter Rogers Directed by Gerald Thomas Screenplay by Talbot Rothwell Running Time 87 minutes. Theatrical Release December 1971

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