Carry On Dick

Carry On Dick

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Sid James stars as the notorious outlaw Dick Turpin (more commonly referred to as Big Dick): the kindly rogue who is running rings around King George's Bow Street Runners. Can the half-witted Captain Desmond Fancey, Sir Roger Daley and Sergeant Jock Strapp succeed in bringing the wily highwayman to justice? The Carry On gang are having a ball in merrie olde England and everyone is invited.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Barbara Windsor as Harriet Bernard Bresslaw as Sir Roger Daley Bill Maynard as Bodkin David Lodge as Bullock Hattie Jacques as Martha Hoggett Jack Douglas as Sergeant Jock Strapp Joan Sims as Madame Desiree John Clive as Isaac the Tailor Kenneth Connor as Constable Kenneth Williams as Captain Desmond Fancey Margaret Nolan as Lady Daley Marianne Stone as Maggie Patsy Rowlands as Mrs. Giles Peter Butterworth as Tom Sid James as Big Dick Turpin / Reverend Flasher
Directed by Gerald Thomas Produced by Peter Rogers Written by Talbot Rothwell Music by Eric Rogers Release date July 1974 Running time 91 minutes

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