Carry On Doctor

Carry On Doctor

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Frankie Howerd is the guest star in this classic Carry On. He plays Francis Bigger, a charlatan faith healer who ends up in hospital and what a hospital!

Doctors Tinkle and Kilmore have a record most executioners would be proud of. The Matron could bring the dead back to life simply by shrieking at them and the nurses are always raising the blood pressure of the 75 male patients - much to their delight!

Carry On Doctor is a case history of rude health that will have you in stitches.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alexandra Dane as Female instructor Anita Harris as Nurse Clarke Barbara Windsor as Nurse Sandra May Bart Allison as Granddad Bernard Bresslaw as Ken Biddle Brian Wilde as Cox & Carter man Charles Hawtrey as Mr Barron Cheryl Molineaux as Women's ward nurse Dandy Nichols as Mrs Roper Derek Francis as Sir Edmund Francis Deryck Guyler as Surgeon Hardcastle Dilys Laye as Mavis Winkle Frankie Howerd as Francis Bigger Gertan Klauber as Wash orderly Gordon Rollings as Night porter Gwendolyn Watts as Mrs Barron Harry Locke as Sam Hattie Jacques as Matron Helen Ford as Nursing home nurse Jane Murdoch as Nurse Jean St Claire as Mrs Smith Jenny White as Nurse in bath Jim Dale as Doctor Jim Kilmore Joan Sims as Chloe Gibson Julian Holloway as Simmons Julian Orchard as Fred June Jago as Sister Hoggett Kenneth Williams as Doctor Kenneth Tinkle Lucy Griffiths as Patient Marianne Stone as Mum Pat Coombs as Patient Patrick Allen as Narrator Peter Butterworth as Mr Smith Peter Gilmore as Henry Peter Jones as Chaplain Sid James as Charlie Roper Simon Cain as Tea orderly Stephen Garlick as Small boy Valerie Van Ost as Nurse Parkin


Produced by Peter Rogers Directed by Gerald Thomas Screenplay by Talbot Rothwell Running Time 91 minutes. Theatrical Release December 1967

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