Carry On Emmannuelle

Carry On Emmannuelle

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Emmannuelle Prevert is the fascinating, delectable young wife of Emile the French ambassador for Great Britain. With his sexual prowess damaged in a freak parachuting accident, Emmannuelle has to seek her thrills elsewhere and happily proves her charms are irresistible to all members of the opposite sex.

Her travels lead to intimate encounters with a variety of men. In fact, she becomes England's most famous and popular sex symbol and gradually, Emile begins to feel he must be missing out on what every other man in England seems to be enjoying.

Carry On Emmannuelle is an accumulation of jokes that grow steadily bluer!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Albert Moses as Doctor Beryl Reid as Mrs Valentine Bruce Boa as US Ambassador Claire Davenport as Blonde in pub Corbett Woodall as ITN newscaster David Hart as Customs officer Dino Shafeek as Immigration officer Eric Barker as Ancient General Gertan Klauber as German soldier Guy Ward as Dandy Henry McGee as Harold Hump Howard Nelson as Harry Hernia Jack Douglas as Lyons Jack Lynn as Admiral James Fagan as Concorde steward Joan Benham as Cynical lady Joan Sims as Mrs Dangle John Carlin as French parson Kenneth Connor as Leyland Kenneth Williams as Emile Prevert Larry Dann as Theodore Valentine Llewellyn Rees as Lord Chief Justice Louise Burton as Girl at zoo Malcolm Johns as Sentry Marianne Maskell as Nurse in hospital Michael Nightingale as Police Commissioner Norman Mitchell as Drunken husband Peter Butterworth as Richmond Robert Dorning as Prime Minister Steve Plytas as Arabian official Suzanne Danielle as Emmannuelle Prevert Tim Brinton as BBC newscaster Tricia Newby as Nurse in surgery Victor Maddern as Man in launderette


Produced by Peter Rogers Directed by Gerald Thomas Written by Lance Peters Running Time 84 minutes. Theatrical Release 1978

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Film Images ©1978 Rank Film Distributors Ltd.

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