Carry On England

Carry On England

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Make love not war! The Carry On team are part of an experimental mixed anti-aircraft battery during World War II. The Luftwaffe never had it so easy!

Troops Ready, Willing and Able join forces to strike terror into the heart of the enemy (well sort of!). Discover where Churchill’s famous Victory sign really originated from.

Carry On England ...patriotism has never been funnier!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Barbara Hampshire as Private Carter Barbara Rosenblat as ATS girl Billy J Mitchell as Gunner Childs Brian Osborne as Gunner Owen David Lodge as Captain Bull Diane Langton as Private Alice Easy Jack Douglas as Bombardier Ready Jeannie Collings as Private Edwards Jeremy Connor as Gunner Hiscocks Joan Sims as Private Jennifer Ffoukes-Sharpe John Carlin as Officer Johnny Briggs as Melly's driver Judy Geeson as Sergeant Tilly Willing Julian Holloway as Major Butcher Kenneth Connor as Captain S Melly Larry Dann as Gunner Shaw Linda Hooks as Nurse Linda Regan as Private Taylor Louise Burton as Private Evans Melvyn Hayes as Gunner Shorthouse Michael Nightingale as Officer Patricia Franklin as Corporal Cook Patrick Mower as Sergeant Len Able Paul Toothill as Gunner Gale Peter Banks as Gunner Thomas Peter Butterworth as Major Carstairs Peter Jones as Brigadier Peter Quince as Gunner Sharpe Richard Bartlett as Gunner Drury Richard Olley as Gunner Parker Tricia Newby as Bombardier/Corporal Murray Vivienne Johnson as Freda Windsor Davies as Sergeant Major "Tiger" Bloomer


Produced by Peter Rogers Directed by Gerald Thomas Screenplay by Jack Seddon & David Pursall Running Time 85 minutes. Released 1976

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