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Carry On Follow That Camel

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Carry On Follow That Camel DVD Cover

When the Carry On team head for the sea of sand, there's a legion of laughs to be had, plus pure gold in Phil Silvers' raucous performance as Sergeant Nocker. Carry On Follow That Camel is a historical spectacular with a host of harem beauties, a bevy of blood thirsty Bedouins and a troupe of Legionnaires getting the hump.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Angela Douglas as Lady Jane Ponsonby Anita Harris as Corktip Bernard Bresslaw as Sheikh Abdul Abulbul Charles Hawtrey as Captain Le Pice Jim Dale as Bertram Oliphant 'Bo' West Joan Sims as Zig-Zig John Bluthal as Corporal Clotski Julian Holloway as Ticket Collector Kenneth Williams as Commandant Maximilian Burger Larry Taylor as Riff Peter Butterworth as Simpson Peter Gilmore as Captain Humphrey Bagshaw Phil Silvers as Sergeant Nocker William Hurndell as Raff William Mervyn as Sir Cyril Ponsonby
Directed by Gerald Thomas Produced by Peter Rogers Written by Talbot Rothwell Music by Eric Rogers Release date September 1967 Running time 95 minutes

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