Carry On Jack

Carry On Jack

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Ahoy there! There's nothing like a Jolly Roger on the Seven Seas with the Carry On team. There's the whiff of mutiny in the air as Juliet Mills runs away to sea disguised as a Midshipman and ends up on a ship commanded by the wicked Captain Fearless. Can Able Seaman Poop-Decker be trusted? Walk the prank plank in this swashbuckling yarn of high adventure and low comedy, as the Carry On gang press-gang the sauciest jokes and indulge in plenty of nautical anchor panky.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Anton Rodgers as Hardy Bernard Cribbins as Midshipman Albert Poop-Decker Cecil Parker as First Sealord Charles Hawtrey as Walter Sweetly Donald Houston as First Officer Jonathan Howett George Woodbridge as Ned Ian Wilson as Ancient Carrier Jim Dale as Young Carrier Jimmy Thompson as Adm. Horatio Nelson Juliet Mills as Sally Kenneth Williams as Captain Fearless Patrick Cargill as Don Luis, the Spanish Governor Percy Herbert as Mr. Angel, the Bos'un Peter Gilmore as Patch the Pirate Captain
Directed by Gerald Thomas Produced by Peter Rogers Written by Talbot Rothwell Music by Eric Rogers Release date November 1963 Running time 91 minutes

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