Carry On Loving

Carry On Loving

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If you decide to look for romance, don't expect to find any joy at the Wedded Bliss Agency. If you're looking for laughs, on the other hand, this should be your first port of call. Sid and Sophie Bliss are the proprietors and they are living a romantic lie, they're not even married! Their computer system is a "miracle of modern technology" and certainly comes up with some hysterical pairings.

Carry On Loving is just one thing on top of another and it has one of the best slapstick finales in the series!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Amelia Bayntun as Corset Lady Anna Karen as Wife Bernard Bresslaw as Gripper Burke Bill Pertwee as Barman Charles Hawtrey as James Bedsop Hattie Jacques as Sophie Plummett Imogen Hassall as Jenny Grubb Jacki Piper as Sally Martin Janet Mahoney as Gay Joan Hickson as Mrs Grubb Joan Sims as Esme Crowfoot Julian Holloway as Adrian Kenneth Williams as Percival Snooper Patsy Rowlands as Miss Dempsey Peter Butterworth as Sinister client Richard O'Callaghan as Bertrum Muffet Sid James as Sidney Bliss Terry Scott as Terence Philpot


Produced by Peter Rogers Directed by Gerald Thomas Screenplay by Talbot Rothwell Running Time 86 minutes. Theatrical Release September 1970

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