Carry On Teacher

Carry On Teacher

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Carry On Teacher DVD Cover

Prepare for six of the best as the Carry On team cause chaos in the school yard. When a well-loved headmaster decides to retire, his scheming pupils have other ideas. The cunning boys unleash a campaign of practical jokes, armed with gin, itching powder and bombs! no one is safe from the classroom havoc in this Carry On.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Carol White as Sheila Dale Charles Hawtrey as Michael Bean Cyril Chamberlain as Alf Diana Beevers as Penny Lee George Howell as Billy Haig Hattie Jacques as Grace Short Jacqueline Lewis as Pat Gordon Jane White as Irene Joan Sims as Sarah Allcock Kenneth Connor as Gregory Adams Kenneth Williams as Edwin Milton Leslie Philips as Alistair Grigg Paul Cole as Atkins Richard O'Sullivan as Robin Stevens Rosalind Knight as Felicity Wheeler Roy Hines as Harry Bird Ted Ray as William Wakefield
Directed by Gerald Thomas Produced by Peter Rogers Screenplay by Norman Hudis Music by Bruce Montgomery Release date August 1959 Running time 86 minutes.

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