Carry On
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Carry On Up The Jungle

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Carry On Up The Jungle DVD Cover

The Carry On team go ape crazy in darkest Africa as Professor Inigo Tinkle and his clumsy sidekick Claude Chumley, embark on a bird fancying expedition. Primitive passions are unleashed, a forgotten tribe of gorgeous man-hungry females is encountered and a loin clothed, vine swinging Jungle Boy is the unlikely hero in this riotous romp. Sid James as the fearless white hunter Bill Boosey, Joan Sims as the haughty Lady Bagley and Charles Hawtrey as Tonka - father of countless, happily get native for this classic Carry On.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Bernard Bresslaw as Upsidasi Cathi March as Lubi Lieutenant Charles Hawtrey as Walter Bagley/King Tonka Chris Konylis as Nosha Danny Daniels as Nosha Chief Edwina Carroll as Nerda Frankie Howerd as Professor Inigo Tinkle Heather Emmanuel as Pregnant Lubi Jacki Piper as June Joan Sims as Lady Evelyn Bagley John Hamilton as Nosha Kenneth Connor as Claude Chumley Lincoln Webb as Nosha with girl Nina Baden-Semper as Girl Nosha Reuben Martin as Gorilla Roy Stewart as Nosha Sid James as Bill Boosey Terry Scott as Ug the Jungle Boy/Cecil Bagley Valerie Leon as Leda Valerie Moore as Lubi Lieutenant Verna Lucille MacKenzie as Gong Lubi Willie Jonah as Nosha Yemi Ajibadi as Witch Doctor
Directed by Gerald Thomas Produced by Peter Rogers Written by Talbot Rothwell Music by Eric Rogers Released March 1970 Running time 89 minutes

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