Carry On
Up The Khyber

Carry On Up The Khyber

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Carry On Up The Khyber DVD Cover

British India, 1895. The Burpas are revolting but then again The Devils in Skirts who guard the Khyber Pass are none too charming either! Can Sir Rodney Ruff-Diamond prevent the scheming Khasi of Kalabar from starting a full-scale rebellion, ending British rule and making his cushy job obsolete? Can he rely on the help of the wayward Brother Belcher and prevent the secret concerning the 3rd Foot & Mouth Regiment from becoming common knowledge among the natives? All will be revealed in this masterly tale of passion, greed and missing underpants set in the raging days of the Raj.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Alexandra Dane as Busti Angela Douglas as Princess Jelhi Bernard Bresslaw as Bunghit Din Cardew Robinson as The Fakir Charles Hawtrey as Private James Widdle Joan Sims as Lady Joan Ruff-Diamond Julian Holloway as Major Shorthouse Kenneth Williams as The Khasi of Kalabar Leon Thau as Stinghi Michael Mellinger as Chindi Peter Butterworth as Brother Belcher Peter Gilmore as Private Ginger Hale Roy Castle as Captain Keene Sid James as Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond Terry Scott as Sergeant Major MacNutt
Directed by Gerald Thomas Produced by Peter Rogers Written by Talbot Rothwell Music by Eric Rogers Release date September 1968 Running time 88 minutes

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