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This fast-paced comedy thriller stars Dermot Walsh as a mild-mannered young accountant forced to go on the run after unwittingly coming into possession of coveted top-secret plans. Also featuring Bill Travers, Oscar-nominated Hermione Baddeley and an early role for horror queen Hazel Court, Counterspy is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

While perusing the books of an engineering company, fastidious auditor Frank Manning encounters rum goings on when he is approached by a woman who claims she is being blackmailed. She begs him to find certain letters and he eventually agrees. Having obtained the letters, he takes them to a specified address where, to his horror, he finds a man, fully clothed, dead in the bath...

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alexander Gauge as Smith Archie Duncan as Jim Fenton Beryl Baxter as Plattnauer's Accomplice Bill Travers as Rex Dermot Walsh as Frank Manning Frederick Schrecker as Plattnauer Gwen Bacon as Matron Hazel Court as Clare Manning Hermione Baddeley as Madame Del Mar Howard Lang as Policeman Hugh Latimer as Inspector Barlow James Vivian as Larry Fenton John Penrose as Paulson Maxwell Foster as Dr. Stevenson Monti DeLyle as Dance Director


Produced by William H. Williams Directed by Vernon Sewell Screenplay by Guy Elmes & Gaston Lazare Story by Julian Symons Running Time 66 minutes. Theatrical Release July 1953

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