Desert Mice

Desert Mice

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A Fantastic cast star in this World War II comedy farce, featuring the antics of an eclectic mix of entertainers of an organisation that called itself Entertainment National Service Association. Known as ENSA for short, or, rather cruelly, Every Night Something Awful! Fresh from the music halls, they certainly give the camp the run around in more ways than one, and bumble their way to triumph!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alan Tilvern as German Captain Alfred Marks as Major Poskett Anthony Bushell as Plunkett Dick Bentley as Gavin O’Toole Dora Bryan as Gay Bennett George Rose as Popados Irene Handl as Miss Patch Joan Benham as Una O’Toole John Le Mesurier as Staff Colonel Kenneth Fortescue as Peter Liz Fraser as Edie Marius Goring as German Major Patricia Bredin as Susan Philo Hauser as Franz Reginald Beckwith as Fred Sid James as Bert Bennett


Produced by Basil Dearden Directed by Michael Relph Written by David Climie Running Time 81 minutes. Theatrical Release 1959

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