Doctor In Clover

Doctor In Clover

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For doctors like Gaston Grimsdyke (Leslie Phillips), the physique of nurses is substantially more worthy of study than the medical conditions of his patients. When a chance meeting with Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson Justice) leads to a new position at Hamden Park Hospital after six months of duty at Wormwood Scrubs, he feels that things are looking up. Grimsdyke, with his unfaltering habit of turning friends into enemies and with his roving eye for the ladies, is the hilarious catalyst that turns the whole hospital into chaos. The bedlam culminates with an outrageous Christmas party where a much rejuvenated Sir Lancelot dons a kilt, struts his stuff with the nurses, laces the punch with Scotch and generoulsy disperses laughing gas. The climatic end has everyone literally falling about with laughter.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Alfie Bass as Fleming Arthur Haynes as Tarquin Wendover Elizabeth Ercy as Jeannine Belmond Eric Barker as Prof. Halfbeck Fenella Fielding as Tatiana Rubikov James Robertson Justice as Sir Lancelot Spratt Jeremy Lloyd as Lambert Symington Joan Sims as Matron Sweet John Fraser as Dr. Miles Grimsdyke Leslie Phillips as Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke Noel Purcell as O'Malley Norman Vaughan as TV commentator Robert Hutton as Rock Stewart Shirley Anne Field as Nurse Bancroft Terry Scott as Robert the hairdresser
Produced by Betty E. Box Directed by Ralph Thomas Screenplay by Jack Davies Based on the novels by Richard Gordon Released 1966 Runtime 96 minutes.

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