Doctor In Distress

Doctor In Distress

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The rantings and ravings of distinguished but pompous House Surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson Justice) have always been commonplace in the corridors of St. Swithin's Hospital so when he becomes strangely quiet the hospital becomes positively puzzled. Their curiosity turns to disbelief when he then becomes gentle and considerate. Fortunately Sir Lancelot has an invaluable ally to help with his affliction - one time medical student Dr Simon Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) who soon diagnoses the trouble - love.Although Simon finds the cause dispensing a cure proves much more difficult especially with his own love life becoming ever more complex. The enchanting Delia (Samantha Eggar) is taking up most of his attentions and her acting career is taking up everything else.Can poor Simon cope?

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Ann Lynn as Mrs. Whittaker Barbara Murray as Iris Marchant - Physiotherapist Dennis Price as Dr. Blacker Dirk Bogarde as Dr. Simon Sparrow Donald Houston as Maj. Tommy Ffrench Fenella Fielding as Passenger on Train James Robertson Justice as Sir Lancelot Spratt Jessie Evans as Mrs. Parry Jill Adams as Genevieve Leo McKern as Harry Heilbronn Michael Flanders as Bradby Mylene Demongeot as Sonia / Helga Stronberg Paul Whitsun-Jones as Grimes Rodney Cardiff as Dr. Stewart Samantha Eggar as Delia Mallory
Produced by Betty E. Box Directed by Ralph Thomas Screenplay by Nicholas Phipps & Ronald Scott Thorn Based on the novels by Richard Gordon Released 1963 Runtime 98 minutes.

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