Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders

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The ebullient comedy films of the 1930s brought escape and laughter to millions of British cinemagoers, enabling veteran stars of the music-hall and theatre to reach out to a wider audience - making household names of performers like Leslie Fuller, Hal Gordon, Bobby Howes, Ernest Lotinga and Gene Gerrard.

Although comedy would prove to be the decade's most successful film genre, many of these classic early talkies have remained unseen since their original release. From boisterous knockabout humour to polished adaptations of popular stage farces, this ongoing collection showcases a wealth of rare features, each presented uncut, in a brand-new transfer from the best available elements in their as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Leslie Fuller stars as a quack whose son qualifies as a doctor in total ignorance of his father's occupation!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

D.J. Williams as Napoleon Felix Aylmer as Sir Daniel Summerfield Georgie Harris as Duffin John Mills as Ronnie Blake Leslie Fuller as Bill Blake Marguerite Allan as Gwen Summerfield Mary Jerrold as Mary Blake Robert Rietty as Horace Ronald Shiner as Miggs William Kendall as Jackson


Produced by Walter C. Mycroft Directed by Norman Lee Screenplay by Clifford Grey, Syd Courtenay & Lola Harvey Running Time 64 minutes. Theatrical Release 1934

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