Foreign Affaires

Foreign Affaires

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A series of now-legendary stage comedies from the 1920s and '30s, the Aldwych Farces broke theatre box-office records and made the transition to celluloid with a run of hit films – making stars of Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn and Robertson Hare. Most were penned by leading comic playwright Ben Travers and peopled by a regular cast of silly-ass aristocrats, battleaxe wives and put-upon husbands; nimble wordplay and finely crafted buffoonery were their hallmarks and the public loved them.

Though only ten adaptations were made on film, the influence of these enduringly popular films was great and can be seen in some of the key British comedies from the first half of the 20th century. This ongoing range will include not only the Aldwych Farces themselves but those films that they influenced. They are presented here as brand-new transfers from original film elements in their original aspect ratio.

An ageing aristocrat schemes to secure his dwindling finances by any means – fair or foul!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Basil Radford as Basil Mallory Cecil Parker as Lord Wormington Diana Churchill as Sophie Gordon James as Rope Ivor Barnard as Count Kathleen Kelly as Millicent Marie Lohr as Mrs. Cope Mervyn Johns as Courtroom interpreter Norma Varden as Mrs. Hardy Hornett Ralph Lynn as Jefferson Darby Robertson Hare as Mr. Hardy Hornett Tom Walls as Capt. the Hon. Archibald Gore


Produced by Michael Balcon Directed by Tom Walls Screenplay by Ben Travers Story by Ben Travers Running Time 69 minutes. Theatrical Release 1935

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