Fun At St Fanny's

Fun At St Fanny's

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Gormless 25-year-old Cardew, wealthy beneficiary of the Robinson inheritance, should have left St. Fanny’s School many years ago. However, seedy headmaster Dr. Jankers (music hall favourite Fred Emney) is in the toils of shady bookmaker Harry the Scar (boxer Freddie Mills) and has so far kept his golden goose perched firmly at the bottom of the class. Blissfully unaware of nefarious intrigue around him, Cardew continues to flirt coyly with the French mistress and gamble for school dinners on the form room roulette wheel. But canny Scots solicitor McTavish has been sent to investigate...

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Anthony Valentine as Schoolboy in audience Aud Johansen as Mlle. Praline Cardew Robinson as Cardew Robinson Claude Hulbert as Mr. Winkle Davy Kaye as Ferdy Dino Galvani as Prof. Stromboli Fred Emney as Dr. Jankers Freddie Mills as Harry The Scar Gabrielle Brune as Matron Gerald Campion as Fatty Gilbert Johnny Brandon as Fanshaw Kynaston Reeves as Mc. Tavish Melvyn Hayes as Heckling Boy at Concert Miriam Karlin as The Private Eye Paul Daneman as Fudge - The Porter Peter Butterworth as The Potter Roger Avon as Horsetrough Ronnie Corbett as Chumleigh Stanley Unwin as The Guide Stuart Saunders as Station Sergeant Tom Gill as Constable Vera Day as Maisie


Produced by David Dent Directed by Maurice Elvey Screenplay by Anthony Verney Story and Adaptation by Peter Noble & Denis Waldock Running Time 77 minutes. Theatrical Release 1955

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