Further Up The Creek

Further Up The Creek

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Crikey! The Royal Navy has finally entered the nuclear age and is selling off its obsolete old frigates to the Arabs! First to go is HMS Aristotle - the secret shame of the Fleet! Under the temporary command of Bosun Dibble, the ship is a hive of vice with its crew willing to do anything to make a few quid. When they hear they will be sailing for the Mediterranean nation of Algerrocco, they see one last chance to make a few bob - by pretending their frigate is really a luxury cruise liner and selling tickets! Of course, new Captain Humphrey Fairweather RN knows nothing of the crews schemes, but with a wild bunch of passengers including Thora Hird chasing the Bosun and Shirley Eaton threatening to strip off and sunbathe, how long can he be kept in the dark?

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Ballard Berkeley as Whacker Payne Basil Dignam as Flagship Commander Cavan Malone as Signalman Charles Lloyd Pack as El Diabolo David Lodge as Scouse David Tomlinson as Lt. Fairweather Desmond Llewelyn as Chief Yeoman Edwin Richfield as Bennett Eric Pohlmann as President Esma Cannon as Maudie Frankie Howerd as Bosun Ian Whittaker as Lofty Jack Le White as Kentoni Brother Jess Conrad as Signalman Joe Gibbons as Taxi Driver John Hall as Sea Scout John Singer as Dispatch Rider John Stuart as Admiral John Warren as Cooky Judith Furse as Chief Wren Larry Noble as Postman Lionel Jeffries as Steady Barker Lionel Murton as Perkins Max Day as Kentoni Brother Michael Goodliffe as Lt. Commander Michael Ripper as Ticket Collector Patrick Holt as First Lieutenant Sam Kydd as Bates Shirley Eaton as Jane Stanley Unwin as Porter Thora Hird as Mrs. Galloway Tom Gill as Philippe Victor Brooks as Policeman Walter Hudd as British Consul
Directed by Val Guest Produced by Henry Halstead Written by Val Guest, Len Heath & John Warren Runtime 88 minutes. Released 1958

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