George In Civvy Street

George In Civvy Street

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George In Civvy Street DVD Cover

A packed troopship pulls into port. George Harper (George Formby) is back in Blighty and just itching to get on with his life. After being de-mobbed, he and his dodgy pal Fingers (Ronald Shiner) head for George's family pub, The Unicorn, in the idyllic country village of Tumbleford.

The Unicorn has seen better days. The other pub in the village, The Lion, has stolen all the trade and now an unscrupulous banker and his crony are out to get George to sell up - by fair means or foul. Worse still, The Lion's landlord wants to force George out too - because he's got designs on George's childhood sweetheart Mary (Rosalyn Boulter). Can George save his beloved pub...and will it 'all turn out nice again' one last time?

A firm favourite with Formby fans and featuring the legendary Alice In Wonderland dream sequence, George In Civvy Street is a real treat with no less than six songs from the Ukulele Man - We've Been A Long Time Gone, I Was Christened With A Horseshoe, It Could Be, You Don't Need them, The Mad March Hare and I Won't Need A Licence For That.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Daphne Elphinstone as Mitzi Montrose Enid Cruickshank as Miss Gummidge Frank Drew as Jed George Formby as George Harper Ian Fleming as Uncle Shad Johnny Claes as Himself Mike Johnson as Toby Philippa Hiatt as Lavender Robert Ginns as Crabtree Ronald Shiner as Fingers Rosalyn Boulter as Mary Colton Wally Patch as Sprout


Produced by Marcel Varnel & Ben Henry Directed by Marcel Varnel Written by Peter Fraser, Ted Kavanaugh, Max Kester & Gale Pedrick Released June 17th 1946 Running Time 76 minutes.

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Film Images ©1946, 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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