Get Cracking

Get Cracking

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George Formby signs up for the Home Guard in the cracking wartime musical comedy which also stars Dinah Sheridan and Ronald Shiner!

Watch out Adolf! George has signed up to do his patriotic duty with the Minor Wallop village Home Guard - and he's ready for you and your goose-steppers! There's only one minor problem - the Minor Wallop Home Guard are busy waging their own private war against the unit based in Major Wallop!

When the rival Home Guard units are sent on battle manoeuvres, George launches his own unique style of commando raid against Major Wallop to steal a vital Vickers machine gun. The raid fails and so George and a little evacuee girl named Irene decide to fall back on 'Plan B' - to build their very own tank!

One of George Formby' most popular films for Columbia studios, Get Cracking includes three great songs from the Ukulele maestro - Under the Blasted Oak, Home Guard Blues and Get Cracking.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Ben Williams as Home Guard Dinah Sheridan as Mary Pemberton Edward Rigby as Sam Elliott Frank Atkinson as Station Master Frank Pettingell as Alf Pemberton George Formby as George Singleton Irene Handl as Maggie Turner Mike Johnson as Josh Ronald Shiner as Everett Manley Vera Frances as Irene Wally Patch as Sergeant Joe Preston


Directed by Marcel Varnel Produced by Marcel Varnel & Ben Henry Written by L. du Garde Peach Released May 3rd 1943 Running Time 92 minutes.

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Film Images ©1943, 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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