Girls At Sea

Girls At Sea

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Guy Rolfe, Michael Hordern, Ronald Shiner and Lionel Jeffries find their sea legs in this little-known but hugely engaging nautical yarn from 1958. Also featuring legendary duettist Teddy Johnson (along with early sightings of Warren Mitchell and – in his first big-screen role – Richard Briers), Girls at Sea is presented here in brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

When HMS Scotia pays a visit to the French Riviera, the officers throw a lavish party to celebrate the engagement of Captain Robert Randall to Jill Eaton, a charming American girl; among the guests are Mary Carlton, Jill's American friend, and Antoinette, a vivacious redhead. However, when the last shore-boat is deemed unseaworthy, the girls are obliged to spend the night on ship. A series of hilarious complications ensue, as the officers attempt to keep the girls away from the beady eyes of Admiral Hewitt – who chooses this very night to board the Scotia...

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Anne Kimbell as Mary Carlton Brian Wilde as Bill Daniel Massey as Flag. Lt. Courtney David Aylmer as Navigating Officer David Lodge as Cpl. Duckett Fabia Drake as Lady Kitty Hewitt Guy Rolfe as Capt. Alwin Maitland Harold Goodwin as Wal Lionel Jeffries as Harry, the Tourist Mary Steele as Jill Eaton Mercy Haystead as Claudine Michael Hordern as Adm. Reginald Victor Hewitt Michael Ripper as Jumper Nadine Tallier as Antoinette Richard Briers as Popeye Lewis Richard Coleman as Capt. Robert 'Bobby' Randall Ronald Shiner as Marine Ogg Teddy Johnson as Singer Warren Mitchell as Arthur
Produced by Vaughan N. Dean & Gilbert Gunn Directed by Gilbert Gunn Screenplay by T.J.Morrison Based on a play by Ian Hay & Stephen King-Hall Running Time 78 minutes. Released March 1958

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