Good Morning Boys!

Good Morning Boys!

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The boys at St. Michael spend most their time gambling, betting and setting booby traps for their Head Master, Dr Benjamin Twist. A new Governor inspects the school and demands the Head Master's resignation. Dr Twist defends his educational methods and is given a chance to show what his boys can do in a public examination. He comes, accidentally, into possession of the French paper and the boys insists on his showing it to them.

They pass with honours and are invited to Paris to receive the congratulations of the French educational authorities. Trouble starts when the father of one of the boys escapes from Dartmoor. He and his gang steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre with the inadvertent help of Dr Twist and the boys - will they manage to clear their names?

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Basil McGrail as Watson Charles Hawtrey as Septimus Charles Paton as Photographer Cot D'Ordan as Hotel Manager Fewlass Llewellyn as The Dean Graham Moffatt as Albert Brown Jacques Brown as Manager Lewis Broughton as Dr. Simpson Lilli Palmer as Yvette Mark Daly as Arty Jones Martita Hunt as Lady Bogshott Noel Dainton as Passport Official Paul Sheridan as Hotel Receptionist Peter Gawthorne as Col. Willougby-Gore Peter Godfrey as Cliquot Will Hay as Dr. Benjamin Twist Will Hay Jr. as Clarence


Produced by Edward Black Directed by Marcel Varnel Screenplay by Val Guest, Leslie Arliss and Marriott Edgar Story by Anthony Kimmins Running Time 79 minutes. Theatrical Release 1937

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Film Images ©1937 Gainsborough Pictures (1928) Ltd.

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