He Snoops To Conquer

He Snoops To Conquer

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He Snoops To Conquer DVD Cover

George Formby is joined by Robertson Hare in this fabulous 1940s British musical comedy, available for the very first time on DVD.

The war is over and it's time to build a better Britain - but not if the crooks on Tangleton Town Council have their way! Knocking down Tangleton's slums will ruin their business interests.

When council tea boy George Gribble (George Formby) is employed to go door-to-door filling in a council survey, he uncovers just how poor and unhappy the townspeople are - and the council have to bury the results. He also gets to meet the eccentric and reclusive inventor Sir Timothy Strawbridge (Robertson Hare) - a meeting that results in wanton destruction with a mechanized road sweeper, a spot of house breaking, and a furious police chase!

When news gets out that the survey has been hushed up, the townspeople want George's blood - and the only way he can set things right is to team up with Sir Timothy's beautiful daughter and take on all the bigwigs from the council!

In between setting the world to rights and championing the little people, George has time to perform three belting musical numbers in true Formby style - Got To Get Your Photo In The Press, Hill Billy Willie and Unconditional Surrender

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Aubrey Mallalieu as Councillor Stubbins Claude Bailey as Councillor Oxbold Elizabeth Allan as Jane Strawbridge George Formby as George Gribble Gordon McLeod as Angus McGluee James Harcourt as Councillor Hopkins Robertson Hare as Sir Timothy Strawbridge Vincent Holman as Butler


Produced by Marcel Varnel & Ben Henry Directed by Marcel Varnel Written by Stephen Black, Howard Irving-Young, Norman Lee, Michael Vaughan & Langford Reed. Released January 8th 1945 Running Time 99 minutes.

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