Hey! Hey! USA!

Hey! Hey! USA!

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Hey! Hey! USA! DVD Cover

American comedian Edgar Kennedy (Duck Soup) joins Hay, as seedy teacher Dr. Benjamin Twist, in this transatlantic caper. The pair join forces on a ship heading for New York.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Arthur Goullet as Henry 'Gloves' Johnson Charlie Hall as Leary's pal David Burns as Tony Ricardo Eddie Pola as Broadcast Announcer Edgar Kennedy as Bugs Leary Edmon Ryan as Ace Marco Fred Duprez as Cyrus Schultz Gibb McLaughlin as Ship's Steward Hugh McDermott as Man on Phone Paddy Reynolds as Mrs. Schultz Peter Gawthorne as Captain Roddy McDowall as Urchin on Dock Tommy Bupp as Bertie Schultz Will Hay as Dr. Benjamin Twist
Directed by Marcel Varnel Produced by Edward Black Story by Jack Swain Screenplay by J.O.C. Orton Additional dialogue by Marriott Edgar & Val Guest Released 1938 Runtime 88 minutes.

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