Hue And Cry

Hue And Cry

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This film, the first "Ealing Comedy", features a strong cast including Alastair Sim and Jack Warner. The story centres around the London East End of the 40's and a group of criminals who use a boy’s paper as a means of messages and information. This ploy is discovered by a group of East End boys who take exception to the crooks use of their favourite read! The memorable climax features the criminals being chased by thousands of young boys through the London Docklands.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alastair Sim as Felix H. Wilkinson Albert Hughes as Wally David Knox as Dusty David Simpson as Arthur Douglas Barr as Alec Frederick Piper as Mr. Kirby Gerald Fox as Dicky Harry Fowler as Joe Kirby Heather Delaine as Dorrie Kirby Ian Dawson as Norman Jack Lambert as Ford Jack Warner as Nightingale James Crabbe as Terry Jeffrey Sirett as Bill Joan Dowling as Clarry John Hudson as Stan Stanley Escane as Roy Valerie White as Rhona Vida Hope as Mrs. Kirby


Produced by Henry Cornelius & Michael Balcon Directed by Charles Crichton Screenplay by T.E.B. Clarke Running Time 78 minutes. Theatrical Release 1947

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