I Didn't Do It

I Didn't Do It

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Gormless George Trotter (George Formby) moves down from Manchester to the bright lights of London in search of fame and fortune on the stage - only to find himself the prime suspect in a bizarre murder mystery!

While staying at the Ma Tubbs' theatrical boarding house, a man is murdered in the room right next door to George. When George tries to solve the mystery, he ends up presenting the police with a whole load of clues - all of which point to him as the culprit!

Now George must uncover the real murderer himself, with the help of his showbiz friends, his little Ukulele and a fiendishly cunning song!

This delightful comedy musical includes three full-length musical numbers - The Daring Young Man, She's Got Two Of Everything and I'd Like A Dream Like That.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Billy Caryll as Tiger Tubbs Carl Jaffe as Hilary Vance Dennis Wyndham as Tom Driscoll Gaston Palmer as Le Grand Gaston George Formby as George Trotter Georgina Cookson as Willow Thane Gordon McLeod as Supt. Belstock Hilda Mundy as Ma Tubbs Ian Fleming as Chief Insp. Twyning Jack Daley as Terry O'Rourke Jack Raine as J.B. Cato Marjorie Browne as Betty Dickson Merle Tottenham as Tessie Vincent Holman as Erasmus Montague Wally Patch as Sgt. Carp


Produced by Marcel Varnel & Ben Henry Directed by Marcel Varnel Written by Howard Irving-Young, Stephen Black, Norman Lee, Peter Fraser & Michael Vaughan Released July 23rd 1945 Running Time 93 minutes.

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Film Images ©1945, 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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