I Thank You

I Thank You

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The perils, humiliations and humour of trying to run a second-rate theatrical company are further compounded when financial aid, given by the former famous music-hall star, Lady Randall, is withdrawn. Not to be defeated, the stars decide the show must go on and devise a plan to persuade her to re-invest...with hilarious consequences!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Addie Seamon as Herself Arthur Askey as Arthur Cameron Hall as Lomas Charlie Forsythe as Himself Eleanor Farrell as Herself Felix Aylmer as Henry Potter Graham Moffatt as Albert Issy Bonn as Himself Kathleen Harrison as Cook Lily Morris as Lady Randall Moore Marriott as Pop Bennett Peter Gawthorne as Dr. Pope Phyllis Morris as Miss Pizer Richard Murdoch as Stinker Wally Patch as Bill The Fireman
Directed by Marcel Varnel Produced by Edward Black Written by Marriott Edgar & Val Guest Released 1941 Runtime 78 minutes.

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