Inn For Trouble

Inn For Trouble

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Inn For Trouble DVD Cover

Peggy Mount and David Kossoff star as Ada and Alf Larkin in this big screen adaptation of one of the most popular situation comedies of the 1950s!

After twenty-five years of faithful service to Belcher's Brewery, Alf Larkin reckons he's entitled to manage one of their pubs. Instead, all he gets for his years is an inscribed fountain pen! Leave it to his battleaxe of a wife Ada to set the brewery straight.

Now the Larkins are off to manage the Earl Osborne - a remote country pub with a few problems. For a start it's a local with no locals! Business is as flat as Belcher's Best. The Larkins quickly manage to upset both the local constabulary and the Hooray Henrys from the local hunt and it seems like their tenancy may be short lived. But leave it to the Larkins to find unorthodox ways to 'drive up business'!

What the Larkins don't know however, is that a main road is planned to be rerouted right past their pub - and they're sitting on a potential gold mine. A rival brewery has found this out - and will do anything to drive them away.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
A.E. Matthews as Sir Hector Gore-Blandish Alan Rolfe as Ted Alan Wheatley as Harold Gaskin Arthur Lawrence as Basil Belcher Barbara Mitchell as Hetty Prout Charles Hawtrey as Silas Withering David Kossoff as Alf Larkin Edward Malin as Old Charlie Edwin Richfield as Mr. Turner Esma Cannon as Dolly Frank Williams as Percy Pirbright Fred Robinson as Fred Gerald Campion as George Glyn Owen as Lord Bill Osborne Graham Moffatt as Jumbo Gudge Graham Stark as Charlie the driver Irene Handl as Lily Leslie Phillips as John Belcher Paddy Edwards as Deirdre Peggy Mount as Ada Larkin Ronan O'Casey as Jeff Rogers Shaun O'Riordan as Eddie Larkin Stanley Unwin as Farmer Willoughby Goddard as Sgt. Saunders Yvonne Monlaur as Yvette Dupres
Produced by Ted Lloyd & Norman J. Hyams Directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards Written by Fred Robinson Released 1960 Running Time 87 minutes.

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Film Images ©1960 Renown Pictures Ltd.

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