King Arthur
Was A Gentleman

King Arthur Was A Gentleman

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King Arthur Was A Gentleman DVD Cover

Set during World War 2, Susan and Gwennie are two girls bound for London. There, Gwennie is to meet her father, a very prominent politician and Susan is to visit her boyfriend, Arthur, who wants to join the army. They come into contact with Gwennie's father who makes it possible for Arthur and the others to join the army. When they are posted to King Arthur country, Arthur is given 'Excalibur' as a practical joke, but genuinely believes he is in possession of the legendary sword and therefore believes himself to be invincible. But who will have the last laugh?

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Al Burnett as Slim Anne Shelton as Gwen Duncannon Arthur Askey as Arthur King Brefni O'Rorke as Colonel Duncannon Evelyn Dall as Susan Ashley Jack Train as Jack Max Bacon as Maxie Peter Graves as Lance Elliott Ronald Shiner as Sergeant Vera Frances as Vera
Directed by Marcel Varnel Produced by Edward Black Written by Marriott Edgar & Val Guest Released 1942 Runtime 94 minutes.

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