Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour

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Love Thy Neighbour DVD Cover

The big screen version of the popular yet controversial sitcom in which West Indian neighbours Bill and Barbie Reynolds laugh off the abuse from prejudiced white worker Eddie Booth and come out on top. The epitome of political incorrectness, Love Thy Neighbour gives an exclusive insight into the racial tensions of its day and the witty retaliations of the enduring Reynolds are shamelessly funny.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Andrea Lawrence as Norma Anna Dawson as Betty Arthur English as Carter Azad Ali as Winston Bill Fraser as Mr. Granger Bill Pertwee as Postman Charles Hyatt as Joe Reynolds Clifford Mollison as Registrar Fred Griffiths as Taxi Driver Jack Smethurst as Eddie Booth James Beck as Cyril Kate Williams as Joan Booth Keith Marsh as Jacko Lincoln Webb as Charlie Melvyn Hayes as Terry Nina Baden-Semper as Barbie Reynolds Norman Chappell as Indian Conductor Nosher Powell as Bus Driver Patricia Hayes as Annie Booth Rudolph Walker as Bill Reynolds Tommy Godfrey as Arthur
Produced by Roy Skeggs Directed by John Robins Written by Vince Powell & Harry Driver Run Time 82 minutes. Released 1973

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Film Images ©1973 Hammer Film Productions Limited.

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