Man Of The Moment

Man Of The Moment

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Diplomatic relations were never Norman's strong point! However, the world is in for a shock when he accidentally becomes the British delegate at an important Geneva Conference. Conducting negotiations and handling affairs of state in his own inimitable style, Norman continues to make the World a better and funnier place. When it comes to ambassadors of comedy, Norman proves he has no equals!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Belinda Lee as Sonia Charles Hawtrey as Play Director Cyril Chamberlain as British Delegate Eugene Deckers as Day Lift Man Evelyn Roberts as Sir Horace Garry Marsh as British Delegate Harold Kasket as Enrico Hugh Morton as Mitchell Inia Te Wiata as King of Tawaki Jerry Desmonde as Jackson Karel Stepanek as Lom Lana Morris as Penny Lisa Gastoni as Chambermaid Martin Miller as Swiss Tailor Norman Wisdom as Norman Violet Farebrother as Queen of Tawaki
Produced by Hugh Stewart & Earl St. John Directed by John Paddy Carstairs Written by Maurice Cowan Screenplay by Vernon Sylvaine & John Paddy Carstairs Released 1955 Runtime 85 minutes.

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