Miss Mactaggart
Won't Lie Down

Miss Mactaggart Won't Lie Down

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Miss Mactaggart Won't Lie Down DVD Cover

“Barbara Mullen is on fine form as a spirited woman who returns to her native village, only to discover she’s just died!” BRITMOVIE

Jean Mactaggart returns home from Glasgow to the small Scottish village of Kenmore, only to be greeted by the strangest looks from the startled locals. Jean discovers that whilst she was staying in Glasgow, her twin-sister visited Kenmore, passed away, and was mistakenly buried as Jean. When Miss Mactaggart attempts to correct the records, she comes up against a stubborn bureaucratic system that insists she is theoretically and legally dead.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Andrew Downie as Sgt MacLeod Barbara Mullen as Jean MacTaggart Eric Woodburn as Morrison Frank Sieman as Policeman Jack Lambert as Lord Longbrae Joe Ritchie as News vendor Katharine Page as Postmistress Laurie Leigh as Mother Pat Mason as Mrs. Murray Patrick Jordan as Reporter Tim Barrett as Manservant


Produced by Francis Searle Directed by Francis Searle Screenplay by Elwyn Ambrose Story by Elwyn Ambrose Running Time 28 minutes. Theatrical Release 1966

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