Much Too Shy

Much Too Shy

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Much Too Shy DVD Cover

Much Too Shy sees George teaming up with radio star Jimmy Clitheroe, Kathleen Harrison and Charles Hawtrey of Carry On fame in a cracker of a comedy that's definitely on a saucy side! George stars as George Andy - or Andy the Handyman as he's known in the very well-to-do village of Standstilton Green. If you want something fixing, George is your man. Of course, George is so daft he'd do it for nothing. Lucky little brother Jimmy (Jimmy Clitheroe) has the business brains in the family!

When he's not odd-jobbing, George loves to paint portraits of the locals. It's a harmless pastime - until some mischievous art students get hold of George's portraits of three local ladies - and add naked bodies to them! When a soap company decides to use the saucy pictures in their big advertising campaign, the trouble really starts!

Now the outraged good ladies of the Standstilton Green bridge club have formed a lynch mob - and handyman George is going to have a hard time fixing this one!

Much Too Shy includes four outstanding musical numbers - 'Handy Andy', 'They Laughed When I Started To Play', 'Talking To The Moon About You' and 'I'm Delivering The Morning Milk'.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Brefni O'Rorke as Mr. Somers Eileen Bennett as Jackie Somers Eric Clavering as Robert Latimer Frederick Burtwell as Mr. Harefield George Formby as George Andy Gibb McLaughlin as Rev. Sheepshanks Hilda Bayley as Lady Driscoll Jimmy Clitheroe as Jimmy Joss Ambler as Sir George Driscoll Kathleen Harrison as Amelia Peabody Peter Gawthorne as Counsel


Produced by Marcel Varney & Ben Henry Written by Ronald Frankau Directed by Marcel Varnel Released October 12th 1942 Running Time 88 minutes.

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Film Images ©1941, 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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