Nearest And Dearest

Nearest And Dearest

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When their father dies, brother and sister Eli and Nellie Pledge find themselves in charge of the family pickle empire. But they're as different as chalk and cheese. Eli is a leering lecher who'll chase anything in a skirt, while his sister is a daft old spinster with old-fashioned morals.

Eli wants out of the business to booze and chase women, but he can't leave until Nellie is wed. And the prospects of that happening are pretty poor.

So when Eli meets a rival pickle magnate on holiday in Blackpool who just happens to be a bachelor, the wheels in his mind start to turn. Suddenly he's playing cupid to the most unlikely love match in Lancashire...

Starring the original cast from the smash hit TV Series, Nearest And Dearest is a romp every bit as hot and spicy as Pledge's Purer Pickles!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Adele Warren as Mimi the stripper Bert Palmer as Bert Henshaw Carmel Cryan as Club Hostess Donald Bisset as Vicar Edward Malin as Walter Tattersall Hylda Baker as Nellie Pledge Janie Collinge as Vinegar Vera Jimmy Jewel as Eli Pledge Joe Gladwin as Stan Hardman John Barrett as Joshua Pledge Kerry Jewel as Claude Madge Hindle as Lily Tattersall Norman Chappell as Man on Bus Norman Mitchell as Vernon Smallpiece Nosher Powell as The Bouncer Pat Ashton as Freda Peter Madden as Court Bailiff Sue Hammer as Scarlet O'Hara Yootha Joyce as Mrs. Rhoda Rowbottom
Directed by John Robins Produced by Michael Carreras & Roy Skeggs Screenplay by Tom Brennand & Roy Bottomley Based on the TV series by Vince Powell & Harry Driver Running Time 83 Minutes. Released 1972

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