Nuns On The Run

Nuns On The Run

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Nuns On The Run DVD Cover

Two thugs work for a gangster, when the boss learns they want to 'leave', he sets them up to be killed. When their escape doesn't go to plan they have to seek refuge in a nunnery to avoid their boss, the triads and police, all the while dressed up as women!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Camille Coduri as Faith Colin Campbell as Norm David Forman as Henry Ho Doris Hare as Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Eric Idle as Brian Hope Gary Tang as Ronnie Chang Janet Suzman as Sister Superior Lila Kaye as Sister Mary of the Annunciation Nicholas Hewetson as Louis Richard Simpson as Mr. Norris Robbie Coltrane as Charlie McManus Robert Morgan as Abbott Robert Patterson as 'Case' Casey Tom Hickey as Father Seamus Winston Dennis as Morley
Produced by Michael White, Simon Bosanquet, George Harrison & Denis O'Brien Directed by Jonathan Lynn Written by Jonathan Lynn Released 1990 Running Time 90 minutes.

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