Oh, Mr Porter!

Oh, Mr Porter!

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Will Hay is one of the greatest British comedians of all time and his misanthropic antics have inspired many great funny men. A major star of the 1930s, he relished playing pompous, incompetent authority figures.

Hay is as memorably inept as ever, as a jumped up railway clerk in rural Ireland with ideas above his station. This comedy classic was selected by critic Derek Malcolm as one of the top 100 films of the twentieth century.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Agnes Lauchlan as Mrs. Trimbletow Dave O'Toole as The Postman Dennis Wyndham as Grogan Graham Moffatt as Albert Moore Marriott as Jeremiah Harbottle Percy Walsh as Superintendent Sebastian Smith as Mr. Trimbletow Will Hay as William Porter


Produced by Edward Black Directed by Marcel Varnel Screenplay by J.O.C.Orton, Val Guest & Marriott Edgar Story by Frank Launder Running Time 80 minutes. Theatrical Release 1937

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