Old Bones Of The River

Old Bones Of The River

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Old Bones Of The River DVD Cover

Professor Benjamin Tibbets (Will Hay) goes up river in Africa to open schools for natives. At the same time, Commissioner Sanders leaves the base on leave and Mr Hamilton takes over as deputy.

School starts and Professor Tibbets has a hard time with his new pupils, but then Mr Hamilton goes down with Malaria so Tibbets decides to take on his duties as well.

Then Tibbets starts to collect the local taxes abbeted by the crew (Graham Moffat, Moore Marriott). He manages to stir up the situation into a full scale native revolt and ends up only just escaping with his life!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Christopher Cozier as Native Child Eugene Cozier as Native Child Graham Moffatt as Albert Brown Jack Livesey as Capt. Hamilton Jack London as M'Bapi Joan Cozier as Native Child Joe Cozier as Native Child Moore Marriott as Jerry Harbottle Napoleon Florent as Chief Tahiti Robert Adams as Bosambo Will Hay as Prof. Benjamin Tibbetts Wyndham Goldie as Commissioner Sanders


Produced by Edward Black Directed by Marcel Varnel Written by J.O.C. Orton, Marriott Edgar & Val Guest Running Time 86 minutes. Released 1938

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Film Images ©1938 Gaumont British Picture Corporation Limited

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