Old Mother Riley

Old Mother Riley Headmistress

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Old Mother Riley is rather proud of her education - after all, she went to an approved school, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine she'd rise to become the headmistress of an exclusive girls' finishing school!

However, thanks to an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative in Ireland, she and daughter Kitty find themselves the proud owners of St. Mildred's School for Young Ladies. Old Mother Riley throws herself into her new role with gusto, whether it's conducting P.E. lessons for a bevy of young beauties, shamelessly cheating at Sports Day or battling the haunted school piano!

Life is good for the old rogue from Ration Row, until a gang of unscrupulous crooks decide they want to get in on the action!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Arthur Lucan as Mrs. Riley Bill Stephens as Mayor C. Denier Warren as Clifton Hill Catherine Boyle as Miss Ashton Cyril Smith as Maltby Enid Hewitt as Miss Carruthers Ethel Royale as Lady Meersham Harry Herbert as Simon Jenny Mathot as Mlle. Leblanc Kitty McShane as Kitty Riley Myrette Morven as Miss Chester Oswald Waller as Copeland Paul Sheridan as Nixon The Luton Girls Choir as Singers Willer Neal as Travers


Produced by Harry Reynolds & Gordon D. Myers Directed by John Harlow Screenplay by John Harlow & Ted Kavanagh Story by Jack Marks & Con West Running Time 74 minutes. Released 1950

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