Old Mother Riley's
Jungle Treasure

Old Mother Riley's Jungle Treasure

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Old Mother Riley's Jungle Treasure DVD Cover

Old Mother Riley has always had trouble with the spirits, but this time it's the ghost of infamous pirate Captain Morgan that's troubling her! She thinks he wants to sweep her off to bed, but really all he wants is to show her the location of his lost treasure map! Having found the map in the Captain's old bed, now she, daughter Kitty and an assortment of adventurers are bound for the deepest, darkest West Indies in search of a fabulous treasure trove! When their charter aircraft crashes, they find themselves in the strangest jungle ever, populated by lions, tigers. Crocodiles, penguins and public school-educated natives nicknamed 'Stinker'! If that weren't enough, the site of the treasure is guarded by voodoo-worshipping cannibals from a forbidden temple! How will the humble washerwoman from Ration Row cope in her wildest adventure ever?

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Anita D'Ray as Estelle Arthur Lucan as Old Mother Riley Bill Shine as Officer Prang Cyril Chamberlain as Capt. Daincourt Garry Marsh as Jim Harry Lane as Slim Kitty McShane as Kitty Riley María Mercedes as Air Hostess Michael Ripper as Jake Peter Butterworth as Steve Peter Swanwick as Mr. Benson Robert Adams as Chief 'Stinker' Roddy Hughes as Mr. Orders Sebastian Cabot as Captain Morgan Willer Neal as Harry Benson
Directed by Maclean Rogers Produced by Maclean Rogers & George Minter Written by Val Valentine Released 1951 Running Time 75 minutes.

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