Old Mother Riley M.P.

Old Mother Riley M.P.

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Old Mother Riley MP DVD Cover

Old Mother Riley brings the House down as she stands for parliament in this classic British comedy! A wild and extremely strange elderly Irish washerwoman, Old Mother Riley runs foul of her local council and decides to take matters into her own hands by running for parliament. However, the voting public just aren't ready for Old Mother Riley's unique form of canvassing!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Arthur Lucan as Mrs. Riley Cynthia Stock as Supervisor Dennis Wyndham as Emperor of Rocavia Henry B. Longhurst as Henry Wicker Kenneth Henry as Brownlow Kitty McShane as Kitty Riley Patrick Ludlow as Archie Rex Alderman as Littleman Torin Thatcher as Jack Nelson
Directed by Oswald Mitchell Produced by F.W. Baker Written by Oswald Mitchell & Con West Released 1939 Running Time 72 minutes.

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